20.04.2020 | Category : Service

Fine-tooth ratchets repair instructions

Good as new.

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With their innovative mechanical systems and 80 teeth, STAHLWILLE QuickRelease fine-tooth ratchets offer a particularly high load capability. But even the most durable of mechanical systems has to be replaced at some point. STAHLWILLE therefore offers corresponding repair kits for the fine-tooth ratchets 415QR N, 435QR N and 512QR N.

And to make the replacement of parts as efficient as the fine-tooth ratchet itself, STAHLWILLE also provides the appropriate video tutorial.


The steps at a glance:

  • Release the snap rings
  • Remove the cover
  • Remove the wear parts
  • Grease and fit the new parts
  • Replace the cover
  • Use the snap rings to seal the unit


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