29.06.2023 | Category : Products

Short lever, long lever: the STAHLWILLE 532 ratchet

Every tradesperson and technician knows: Some jobs require a larger selection of tools – so that you can find the most suitable solution to tackle the problem. This is also the case when it comes to ratchets, which is why we now have the popular 532 ratchet in two additional lengths – we are giving the people what they want!

What makes the 1⁄2-inch ratchet so reliable, efficient and precise?

As a tradesperson and industrial user, have you already been enjoying the 532 ratchet from STAHLWILLE for a long time? Then you’re in good company, because that’s how many people feel. It’s no surprise: The 532 ratchet is a professional, versatile and durable tool. The 1⁄2-inch ratchet provides a square drive for common sockets and bits, as well as a ratchet head with dimensions of only 41 mm in width and 22.5 mm in height. This means that the ratchet can be used even in tight spaces. Inside, the tool features a precision drive with 36 teeth and a working angle of 10 degrees – in right-hand or left-hand rotation, depending on the position of the changeover lever. All metal parts are made of high-quality, durable chrome-alloy steel – a long service life is essentially “built-in”. And should it be necessary to replace a worn part after long, intense use: We always have the right spare parts available!

How long should a ratchet be?

The ideal length of a ratchet depends entirely on how far away the bolt is and how much torque should be applied to the bolt. This is why many users wanted more choice of lengths for our 532 ratchet. And we’re here to deliver the solution: In addition to the version with a standard 380 mm length, we have added two additional ratchets to our range. The 532 ratchet is now also available in 497 mm and 612 mm versions. Both allow you to reach distant bolt locations with ease, and both allow you to transmit greater torques whilst applying less force when tightening bolts, thus relieving your own joints.

Fatigue-free work is guaranteed

And speaking of relief: The handle of the 532 ratchet allows for low-fatigue and safe work on all three models, since it is ergonomically shaped and handy. It is also shockproof and resistant to oil, grease and brake fluids, as well as Skydrol.

A durable, precise drive with a compact and ergonomic design for fatigue-free operation and work, even in tight spaces, best as a complete set in all three lengths – the 532 ratchet is a must-have in your tool kit.