13.04.2023 | Category : Products

Workbench WB 625 - This is what the ideal workstation in aircraft hangars looks like

Hardly anywhere are the demands on a technician's tools and equipment as high as in aviation. Those servicing and maintaining planes need specialist tool sets and a lot of storage space. They need storage solutions that ensure maximum mobility and an organised layout, and that allow for efficient and safe work. They need tools that do not compromise when it comes to safety and quality. It is a good thing that STAHLWILLE has found optimal solutions for these requirements with the WB 625 workbench and numerous aviation tool sets.

Plenty of storage space and work surface - but still mobile

Aircraft technicians have to be ready for action quickly with an extensive set of tools. More precisely: be ready to work on the aircraft. The STAHLWILLE WB 625 workbench is equipped accordingly: seven full-extension drawers throughout and a 115 cm wide work surface made of resilient birch plywood at a working height of 104 cm, all on four oil and acid-resistant smooth-running wheels with thread guards and two locking brakes: there is no better solution for mobile yet ergonomic work with your own tools.

Tool sets, as individual as the aircraft

But keep in mind that if the contents are not correct, even the best workbench will be next to useless. This is why STAHLWILLE has a wide range of pre-configured tool sets in its range. They are ideally suited to individual aircraft types and the corresponding maintenance schedules, and are clearly arranged. They make optimal use of the full-extension drawers of the workbench. Thanks to the Tool Control System (TCS), you can immediately identify when a part of the set has not been returned. What if there is no suitable pre-configured tool set? Even then, a solution can be found quickly, because STAHLWILLE also offers bespoke Tool Control System (TCS) foam inlays.

Special solutions for aviation

STAHLWILLE has partnered with airlines all over the world for many years. Because we know the requirements in the hangars and on the airfield like almost no other manufacturer, we know what really matters. Probably the most important keyword is "Foreign Object Damage" or "FOD". It is important to prevent small parts from being lost during maintenance and subsequently causing damage to the aircraft. The Tool Control System (TCS) is an important building block for effective FOD prevention. The same applies to QuickRelease, the only locking system on the market that reliably locks all parts, from the ratchet to the extension, to the universal joint to the socket, without taking up extra space or making it difficult to work in tight spaces.

Another plus point in the hangar: special STAHLWILLE tool sets for the aviation sector enable two technicians to work on one WB 625 workbench at the same time. How did we do it? It's simple: We have duplicated frequently used tools in the sets. Simple but effective! And of course the same applies to all tools: They offer the consistently recognisable, uncompromising STAHLWILLE quality, ergonomics and precision. For perfect results even under pressure.

Would you like to find out more about the WB 625 workbench or other STAHLWILLE solutions for aviation? Then get in touch with us!