20.05.2020 | Category : Products

Limited Edition Design Tool Trolley

Extra noticeable

The 95/6 Tool Trolley now available in a strictly limited edition – features not only many practical details and safety-conscious construction, but also attracts attention through its striking design. Painted black and with neon-green graphic elements on the front, the new model is a high-grade design item that will adorn any workshop and is guaranteed to make work more fun.

Behind the coloured front panel lies the high standard of manufacturing and equipment construction that distinguishes every product from STAHLWILLE and leaves nothing to be desired – even by demanding users. The six ball-bearing mounted telescopic rails guarantee optimum smoothness of operation and can be fully extended. The sturdy construction of the tool trolley accommodates tools and materials with a total load capacity of up to 750 kg.

Three-stage safety concept

The tool trolley has a central locking system with a laterally mounted cylinder lock. The fold-down key reduces the risk of damage and injury. The individual drawer locks prevent unintentional opening during transport and the anti-topple mechanism ensures that only one drawer can be pulled out at a time.

Practically orientated features

The functionality of this workshop trolley was developed with a view to the requirements and working environment in manufacturing companies and workshops. The lateral stainless steel handle has a reinforced connection to the body and, where necessary, heavy tools or materials can be attached to it. There is space for hooks or a paper roll holder in the perforated side wall of the trolley. All the edges are fitted with rubber-lined wrap-around bumpers to absorb impacts safely, which protects the trolley and the installations in the workshop.

The hard-wearing worktop made of ABS provides a number of compartments for sorting small parts, for example. In addition, the surface is oil and chemical resistant and will also resist attacks by the particularly aggressive hydraulic oil Skydrol, which is used in the aerospace industry. The oil and acid resistant wheels have a diameter of 125 mm. Use of elastic materials ensures a high degree of manoeuvring convenience. The two parking brakes guarantee the trolley will stay put.