20.04.2020 | Category : Technology



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In many fields of work, foreign object damage (FOD) can be a real safety hazard – like in aviation. One highly effective method for combating FOD goes by the name of QuickRelease. This locking system, developed and patented by STAHLWILLE, prevents the loss of sockets even in awkward bolting points or in long tapped holes. While other locking systems available on the market only lock the first insert tool to the ratchet, QuickRelease secures every single component in the tool chain – from the ratchet and extension through to the socket – without forfeiting valuable space. QuickRelease will not relinquish its grip on the tools connected until the user presses the corresponding button on the ratchet, extension or universal joint. The easily accessible, ergonomically optimised mechanism contributes, at the same time, to increased efficiency – thanks to this system, tool changes are not only safer but also faster. In conjunction with torque wrenches, QuickRelease also secures the insert tools while enabling rapid tool changes.


The key advantages


  • Greater safety in bolted joints where FOD is a serious risk, such as in aerospace.
  • The only system that features a uniform locking mechanism for all the tool components through to the bolting point.
  • Simple, intuitive handling and reliable operation.
  • Insert tools engage firmly and cannot be removed until the release button is pressed.
  • Fast, efficient tool changes become a simple matter – without compromising safety in FOD-sensitive areas.

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